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Spacesaver 180 gravity conveyor returns finished product back to the operator
Heavy Duty Shrink Tunnel
Thin Package Fixture®
Covered under one or more of the following patents, #7328786, #7350340 & #7380653.
We offer heavy duty & precision roller conveyors, gravity and powered featuring our 180° and 90° SpaceSaver® series, along with select straight sections.
This simple fixture is made to fit most tunnels and is used to wrap a package as thin as 24pt post board without warping.
This compact, stainless steel tunnel is designed to be a rugged, long-term, work-horse machine used to shrink wrap heavy products with thick gauge poly.
Leading Edge Packaging Solutions
Batterywrap™ Shrink Bags
Custom Packaging
CoreWrap® Shrink Sleeves
Stretch Film
Pallet Covers
Lock n' Pop®
Slip Sheets

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